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Provide Specific and executable advice to automotive companies to support their efforts to grow revenues,improve market position, and drive profitability

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Engagements / Completed and On-Going Projects

As an executive advisor, developed a sales pursuit plan to improve sales to a targeted customer group for a global Tier One manufacturer.
Advised a Private Equity firm on the analysis of an acquisition candidate
Provided advise and insight to a global audit and consulting firm on aftermarket strategies in developing markets
Provided advise to a private investment firm regarding direct investment in a publicly traded automotive company
Strategic advisor to a Chinese distributor regarding growth and development of his company in China
Advised Chinese marketing group on product portfolio strategies to strenghten their product offering
Conducted market research/analysis for a company investigating entering a new line of business in Europe
An advisor with an M&A firm whose focus is on the automotive aftermarket representing both buyers and sellers in strategic transactions

Advised a Global Manufacturer on their China Aftermarket Strategy


Developed a go to market strategy in North America for a Korean based parts manufacturer


Advisor to a telecomunications company that is entering the automotive industry


Developing distribution network in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in China for a US based manufacturer

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